Fit for a King: Fix was originally brewed for the Royal Greek Court.

Our Royal Heritage

In January 1833, the Greek state had its first king appointed, Prince Frederic Othon of Wittelswach of Bavaria. The controversial young Othon brought along with him Bavarian troops, civil servants and civilians seeking a better fortune in the resurrected glorious state.

Antique poster depicts the famous Fix brewery of Athena

Amongst those Bavarians was Johan Ludwig Fix, who founded a small enterprise selling his home made beer at Kolonaki (today's expensive and celebrated shopping area in the heart of Athens). In 1864, his son, Charles Johan Fix, founded the Fix Brewery in Athens, coinciding with the appointment of the next king of Greece, George Christian Wilhelm Glyxbourg, from beer-loving Denmark.

This new royal court - full of beer enthusiasts - encouraged Charles's efforts, and Fix Company soon became the official purveyor to the Greek Royal Court. For one hundred years, the Bavarian love for the art and perfection of brewing created a distinct and famous brewing school that flourishes until today.

Fix's traditional protective dark amber bottles help ensure the quality of every serving In the meantime, the art of brewing handed down from father to son, helped Fix Company to become one of the most dynamic units of Greek Industry and monopolized beer tastes for over one hundred years. The last brew master of the Fix dynasty withdrew himself from entrepreneurial enterprises in 1983.

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Today his recipes and experience through the ages have made a new home in the United States. There, using advanced technology amalgamated with tradition, we brew the distinct and unique FIX 1864 Lager, the beer that became a legend.

FIX The Traditional Beer of Greece Since 1864 TM

Brewed and Bottled by: FIX USA


Our Royal Heritage

Bavarian Perfection

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